Miles and Miles
Miles and Miles

Vehicle Returns Key Drop Box

Welcome to the out-of-hours return service from Avis Prestige and Miles & Miles.

1. Find a suitable parking spot

When facing the office please park the vehicle to the left of the office door, or directly opposite on a single yellow line. Please do not park in front of ANY residential doorways. (Please see the map for further details)

2. Remove all personal belongings

Remove all personal belongings and ensure nothing is left behind. Please do not place any rubbish in the bins located on the Mews, as these belong to the residents.

3. Secure the vehicle

Check the vehicle is secure, ensuring windows, sunroofs and doors are closed and locked before walking away.

4. Document the vehicle's condition

We recommend that you document the vehicle's condition and take photos and/or videos as necessary.

5. Place the keys in the drop box

Place the keys in the drop box and close it securely. Re-open the drop box and check to ensure the keys have been deposited inside and are no longer visible or accessible. If the drop box is damaged or looks like it has been tampered with, please do not deposit the keys. Instead, please take them with you and contact our office in the morning (Contact us)

6. Return complete

Once the office is open our team will inspect the vehicle and finalise your rental.